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          R&D Certer

          1、R&D Centers Distribution

          2、R&D Strength

          Dinghan pays high attetion to R & D investment and and the improvement of its own R & D comprehensive strength. Now,the total number of employees inR&D is over 300, 78% of them have bachelor degrees or above, 24% of them have master's degrees. The proportion of the company's R & D investment of its operating income continuously rising  year by year. The amount of the R & D investment has grown from less than RMB 20 million (2010) to more than RMB 70 million in 2016.

          3、Advanced Equipment

          4、Advanced Management Model

          Dinghan adopts advanced IPD R & D management process, with whole--course management and effective monitoring from the six stages of the product lifecycle: conceptual phase, planning phase, developmentphase, validation phase、launch phase and life cycle phase.


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